Many of you have asked us to create courses on various JavaScript libraries. We are always humbled to hear that you'd like to learn more from us in the Studio format. At the same time, we recognize we can't be experts on every technology. JavaScript in particular falls outside our current area of expertise. So we went looking for a course we felt comfortable recommending to you...

We found Wes Bos' new course React for Beginners to be an excellent way to learn React by incrementally building an application from scratch.

Learn React, Pragmatically

We like this course because it closely aligns with the format we strive for in our own Pragmatic Studio courses:

  • The course takes a project-based approach where topics are introduced as needed to build a complete app from scratch.
  • The step-by-step format allows you to follow along with the videos and see how everything fits together.
  • You get expert instruction from someone who has spent significant time in the development trenches and has the ability to effectively teach.

And equally important, this course is a lot of fun! It's very thorough and yet the pacing feels just right. Wes has a great teaching style that makes going through the course enjoyable!

Special Launch Price

Wes offers two different course packages as well as team licenses. We think the master package for $59 (special launch price) is the best value!

For Beginners

React for Beginners is a great starter for anyone who is comfortable working with jQuery or simple JavaScript. No prior experience with React is assumed. You can jump right in and get started.

What Is React?

React is a very popular JavaScript library for building dynamic user interfaces. Many people use React as the V in their app's MVC framework.

Check out the full course details and start learning React.js today!

Disclaimer: We are an affiliate partner with Wes Bos, but we'd happily recommend his course even if we weren't. React For Beginners is a fantastic way to learn React!