The Pragmatic Studio

Daily Ruby and Rails Course Plans

January 19, 2015

The key to learning anything new is consistent, deliberate practice. We all know that. But the time commitment required to learn something new is often squeezed by shifting work priorities, looming project deadlines, and other engaging personal activities. And there just isn’t much time left at the end of the day…

We also know how incredibly good it feels to start learning something new and see it through to completion! Sometimes all we need is a simple plan to outline our steps. So to help you accomplish your goal of learning Ruby or Rails, we designed three course plans:

Get on a good learning streak by downloading the plans, printing them off, and using your favorite-colored Sharpie to cross off the days. Each day you’ll add one more facet of Ruby or Rails to your repertoire and make steady progress toward completing the course and meeting your goal. You can do this!

We hope these new daily plans help you stop starting and start finishing!