Mastering Ruby blocks is more than just being fluent with syntax and following the conventional styles. And mastery goes beyond simply using blocks when calling methods in Ruby’s standard library. Those fundamental skills ultimately lay the foundation for the final step: designing your own code to take advantage of the power of blocks!

Blocks offer a different, powerful style of programming that should influence the design of your code. Indeed, well-designed Ruby code uses blocks to elegantly solve common and recurring problems, including:

  • Writing custom iterators
  • Executing “around” code
  • Toggling around code
  • Initializing objects with a block
  • Managing resources consistently

In our new Mastering Ruby Blocks & Iterators course, you’ll learn how to immediately apply these design techniques and patterns to your own code. You’ll come away from this course not just understanding how blocks work but, more importantly, when and where to use them in your own code.

This online course will help you gain clarity and confidence designing with Ruby blocks. Pick up a copy today and jump on the path to mastery!