Ready, set, dive in! If you’ve been waiting for the beta buzz to settle down, the kinks in the release candidates to get ironed out, and the "It’s official!" stamp before diving into Rails, your poolside wait is over. Rails 4.0 final version is set and ready for you to start using today!

If you’ve been waiting to learn Rails, we’ve got you covered. Our online introductory Rails course teaches Rails 4. You’ll learn everything you need to know to confidently build your own Rails 4 apps, or contribute to an existing app. Step-by-step—from idea to deployment—you’ll learn how to build a complete app and get hands-on practice doing it yourself.

If you’re new to the Ruby programming language, we recommend starting with our online Ruby course. You’ll then get the alumni discount on the Rails course, and all future courses!

Got a team of 5 or more developers you need to ramp up on Ruby and Rails? Our online courses are a great way to bring everyone quickly up to the same level. Drop us a line about discounted team licenses.

We hope y’all enjoy Rails 4 this summer!