Just a friendly reminder that early registration (a $400 savings) for our next Ruby on Rails Studio on May 22-24 in Reston, VA ends this Friday, April 20. The last Ruby on Rails Studio sold out fairly quickly, so if you missed out on the last course, or you’re ready to start learning Rails, we hope you’ll join us in May.

This course has been updated to align with Rails 3.2 and Ruby 1.9, so you’ll come away from the 3 days:

  • Ready to use the core features of Rails 3.2 to either build an app from scratch, or improve an existing app.

  • Knowing how to apply various design techniques to work efficiently with the Rails framework.

  • Understanding not just how to use Rails, but also understanding why things are the way they are and how to use that to your advantage.

Register by the end of the week to get the early pricing discount!

We also recently released an online Ruby Programming course, and we're really happy with the response so far. Folks who took the Ruby course before attending the last Rails Studio said it was a great way to get prepared for Rails.

The course has also been well received by Rails programmers who struggle with Ruby syntax and concepts, or who just want want to improve their Ruby skills so they can use Rails more effectively.

  • “The structure and content are exactly what I need after bumbling about on my own for months getting to know Rails.” — Ben Sharman

  • “The course is outstanding! The best I’ve ever taken. Rails is so much less mysterious now that I’m learning Ruby the right way.” — Tony Barone

  • “I wish I had done this course BEFORE starting Ruby on Rails development. Loved it!” — Ed Wallitt

Check out the introduction video to learn more about the course. You can start taking it immediately and work through it at your own pace.