We're delighted to congratulate Scott Ruth, an alum of the iOS Programming Studio, on releasing his third iOS app!

Catch a Match is a fun memory matching game for kids. Scott did a stellar job with the artwork and overall game design! It's incredibly well crafted. But what impressed us most was the brilliant use of in-app purchase to sell additional match packs. When little Bobby has mastered letters and numbers, perhaps it's time he memorizes U.S. Presidents or world flags! Each match pack is uniquely and beautifully designed, from the match cards themselves, to the game board, to the custom sound effects.

Check out the Catch a Match game trailer:

Scott's journey is truly remarkable. His background is in web design, and it's obvious he has some serious design skills and sensibilities. He came into the Studio with a bit of self-study under his belt, but this was his first real adventure in programming. And if you've ever tried iOS development, you know it's not for the faint of heart. There's a fairly steep mountain to climb to get from learning to program to launching your first app in the App Store.

But Scott had what it takes: he knew where he wanted to go and he was extremely motivated to get there. After attending the Studio, he released Mommy's Milk for nursing mothers (his wife was the beta tester). Then he followed it up with Time Off for recording paid time off at work. And this week he released Catch a Match, which we think is his best work yet. Now, after getting an initial jump-start and a lot of hard work, Scott's right where he wants to be. He's running his own independent app company making apps and games.

We were blown away when Scott sent us this video telling the backstory of his journey:

This is precisely why we love running a training company! It's easy to get lost in all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on these courses and lose sight of the fact that it's really all about these stories. It's your journey, and we're simply humbled to be a steppingstone along the way.

Do your kids a favor, and support Scott's hard work, by downloading a free copy of Catch a Match. He even has a super-polished press kit for the app. And you can follow Scott's intrepid app adventures on his blog.

Way to go, Scott! We wish you continued success, and we look forward to your next app!

Ready to start your iOS app development journey? Consider joining us in Reston in a few weeks for the next iOS Programming Studio! Like Scott, it might just be the kick in the pants you need.