We’ve had an uptick in the number of job postings on our job board as of late. Either the market is finally picking up or the word is out that we run a free job board. In any event, we’re glad to see so many good opportunities out there for developers experienced in the topics we teach!

Here are the jobs posted in the past week:

If you’re looking for a developer to join your team, feel free to post a job. If you’re in the market for a new opportunity (or just want to see what’s going on out there), you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

We run this job board free of charge simply to help alumni of our courses connect with good career opportunities. We also frequently get e-mails or phone calls asking if we know of any experienced developers available to work on Rails, iOS, and other projects. The best developers we know are often folks who have excelled in one or more of our courses. If these folks are in the market for a new opportunity, chances are they're tuned in to our job board. Quality of postings is more important to us than quantity. We review each post before approving it to make sure it's relevant to our audience and of the quality they expect.