We wrapped up another iPhone Studio last week in Reston. Congrats to all the new alumni! By the end of the final day everyone was literally blazing through code, blowing a lot of hot air about their newfound skills, and creating sizzling apps. (Seriously, we’re very sorry about the A/C conking out the last afternoon!)

We had a special treat on the third day of this Studio. David Smith—a local iPhone developer, founder of Cross Forward Consulting, and iPhone Studio alum—gave a guest talk on the business end of iPhone app development. You may recall that we ran an interview with David late last year.

David was a Ruby developer who got in the iPhone game early and ended up building a sustainable and profitable business around it. But he didn’t get there by striking it rich in the gold rush. Instead, he created a unique app and steadily grew the business through clever marketing. When I first heard David give this talk, I was amazed by how much effort he had put into truly understanding how to get the most out of selling on the App Store. It’s a critical, yet often overlooked, ingredient to making a successful app. You had to be there to learn all the tips and tricks, but check out his “The Business of the App Store” slides for an overview. Many thanks for sharing your insights, David!

Hope you’ll join us next month in Santa Clara or October in Chicago for another iPhone Studio, and perhaps another surprise…