At least once a week someone asks me, “How can I save a spot in your Studio today before it sells out even though…

  • my manager is out on vacation until next week and I can’t use his corporate credit card until he gets back?”

  • I’m not sure if my company wants to pay by check or credit card?”

  • I need a couple weeks to get the paperwork for payment through the obstacle course that is our accounting department?”

And that’s exactly why we have the option to register now and pay later.

Most folks aren’t aware that we have two payment options. First, you can always pay by credit card immediately when you register. Or if you register early, you can choose to pay at a later date. Full payment is due four weeks before the Studio by either check or by calling me with credit card details. So this gives you some time to work out the details of your payment… while still saving your spot!

This Friday, early registration (a $300 savings) ends for our Rails and iPhone Studios in Santa Clara, CA in August. Why not take advantage of this savings by registering today, but paying later? You can get in a few more BBQs, a trip to the water park, and a weekend in the mountains before payment is due. How’s that for a summertime break?