One of the most gratifying things about teaching iPhone Studio is hearing about the iPhone apps that attendees end up building. That's what it's all about. Check out these three new apps built by Studio Alumni, now available in the App Store:

  • Will Ronco of Awesome Software built and released Altidude, a conversion calculator for running at high altitude. It's perfect for those of us at high altitude (we're based in Denver) who want know how much faster we could run at sea level.

  • Dane Falker of Surgeworks built and released Divine Office, an audio version of the Liturgy of the Hours that reads an RSS feed and loads audio files onto the device. Look for them to release their OpenGL convenience library in a few weeks. (It will be released as JellyTouch on Github.)

  • Steven Farley released dotcom for quickly and easily querying the availability of a domain name. It's a freebie!

Judging by the activity on our alumni mailing list, there are many more applications in the works. If you're an alumni of this course and you've released an app, we'd love to hear about it!