iOS Apps

Altidude is a conversion calculator for running at high altitude. It can tell you the sea level equivalent of your altitude running times. GPS-equipped devices automatically detect your current altitude for conversion.

created by Will Ronco

aquaPlanner helps you schedule maintenance of your aquarium and sends notifications when it's time to change the bulb, replace the filter, add supplements, and more.

created by Jose Weeks

Arvest Branch & ATM Finder uses the GPS to locate the nearest location to do your banking, or search by city or state for expanded results. It also offers turn-by-turn driving directions.

created by Bob Shull and Kevin Garriott

Astra Itinera is a turn-based, 4x (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate), strategy game. Every game is different. Large maps for a longer game, small maps for a shorter game.

created by John R. Nyquist

AudioBookShelf is an audiobook player that allows users to listen to classic books offline. It uses audiobooks from the LibriVox project that have been carefully curated to include only the highest quality audiobooks.

created by David Smith

auto:Math is a utility that helps simplify the calculation of various automotive parameters. Perfect for aspiring "gearhead" or auto enthusiast.

created by Robert Faulhaber

Baby Shaper is an intuitive app for your baby or toddler. Swipe a finger around the screen to drop colorful random shapes that will fly around or touch a shape to pop it. The app has engaging backgrounds, music, and sound effects.

created by Rodney Foley

Beer Timer is for those who have ever gone to the store, bought beer at room temperature, came home and placed the beer in the freezer, only to forget it and later discover a freezer full of exploded beer!

created by Craig VanderZwaag

Best of the Great Smoky Mountains is a park guide for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, produced in association with the Great Smoky Mountains Association, using their guidebooks and photography. It includes offline park maps (no cell coverage in the Smokies), guided tours of the park, and so on.

created by Nomad Mobile Guides

BibleMaster4000 is a simple and elegant Bible study tool. This application allows you to quickly select Bible passages that speak to you. You can save your favorites, tag with categories, and even email them.

created by Josh Black

Calc for Fun helps you improve your math skills every day. Add, subtract, multiply and divide on two different levels.

created by Marcio Aun Miguels

Catch a Match is a fun memory matching game for kids. Choose between several beautifully designed match packs, play up to three difficulty levels, and enjoy single or two player modes! There are currently 3 theme packs in the app, with more on the way.

created by Scott Ruth

ChainReactor is a simple game to play: drop a catalyst into the reactor and watch the chain reaction begin! The object is to create the longest chain reactions possible - the longer each chain, the more points you score.

created by Randall Meadows

Circle 8 provides outdoor enthusiasts in Sunriver, Oregan with a detailed map (standard or satellite) of attractions, bike paths, and their current location using GPS.

created by Michael Harper

Daily Prayer PC(USA) provides brief services for Daily Prayer based on the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship, including: psalms for the day, readings from the daily lectionary, and prayers of thanksgiving and intercession.

created by Michael Trier

Dark Time is a simple clock that allows you to see the time, especially when it's dark without keeping you awake. Perfect for light-sensitive sleepers.

created by Eric Knapp

DaysGoneBy displays the number of days that have passed based on a date prior to the current date. Useful for finding out how many days since your birth date, or how many days since the beginning of the year.

created by Chris Cane

Detector Kit is a fun novelty app to help you determine if your best friend is a zombie. Or if you want to let your best friend know she has bad breath. The possibilities for detection are endless.

created by Bob Shull

Divine Office is an audio version of the official set of daily prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours of the Roman Catholic Church. It wirelessly downloads several days of prayers at a time, without the need for iTunes synchronization or access to a computer.

created by Dane Falker

Ducks Unlimited National Convention 2011 is the official app of the 2011 Ducks Unlimited National Convention with a schedule of events, maps, and other convenient information.

created by Steve Anderson

Easy Animate is a simply way to create animations and send them to your friends. It's a great educational tool for children to practice their A-B-C's and 1-2-3's, a useful tool in art classes, or just plain fun.

created by Chandler Douglas

Edgewise is a cycling activity viewer for Garmin Connect. It allows you to view your Garmin Connect performance data where you want it—on your iPhone. Search or select from a list of historical ride data. View detailed ride information including summary statistics, route traveled, and an interactive chart of detailed performance data.

created by Steve Baranski

Erin Go Bragh (Irish Gaelic for "Ireland Forever") is an iOS app that pays homage to the wit and wisdom of Irish culture.

created by Bill Allen

Ethicon PVP is the first medical surgical simulation app on the store.

created by Brian Bahner

FunFlix is the app that turns your ordinary video clip into a Hollywood theme movie from Drama to Indie to Retro and even Comedy.

created by Krating Poonpol

Get Me is a hand-eye coordination game with ten challenging levels.

created by Chandler Douglas

Glue is a quick and easy way to publish content once and push out updates to your sites, blogs, RSS feeds, as well as many services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Wordpress and more.

created by Trevor Sheridan

GodPromises allows you to keep the Bible in your pocket (King James Version) at all times and easily access His promises arranged in 27 topics. With this app, you can instantly find any verse in the Bible and even email it to your friends.

created by Chris Gomez offers real-time (spot-price) gold and silver prices in Euro and Dollars, daily London fixings, and graphing up to 6 months. It also integrates with a website through QR barcode scanning.

created by Erwin Wouterson

Hey! Reminder is a simple reminder app that will nag you until it gets your attention.

created by Steve Pascoe

HomeMarks is the native iPhone companion to It gives you, the mobile user, access to your homemarks while on the go with a stunning easy to use interface for all the features found in the desktop web application.

created by Ken Collins

In-House Counsel Program is a "conference companion" app for the American Health Lawyers Association. Conference attendees can use this app to access information about the conference's program.

created by Steve Baranski

Iowa Wine & Beer provides users a directory of Iowa's numerous wineries and breweries (100+). Use the Map to discover wineries or breweries near you.

created by Dan Hellerich

KEEP CALM: Classic pays homage to the spunky British spirit epitomized by the historically fascinating WWII-era poster, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

created by Bill Allen

LMP is a application for the Mexican Baseball League. It's in Spanish, and it's free!

created by Luis Enrique Ortiz

Lucky Jack's Treasure Hunt offers a cash prize plus hundreds of valuable coins and silver for simply finding a prize code that has been hidden in an area near you.

created by Ryan Sorensen

Mascot Football Challenge is a football game inspired by the vibrating football games of yesteryear. Choose any of the 12 mascots chosen for the Capital One All-America Mascot Team. Just like the classic electric football game, you set up your best play, and then watch (and feel!) as the players shake their way across the field (or just spin around in circles).

created by Eric Schurter and Blair Christopher

MATH02 is a bingo style math game where the goal is to get five correct answers in a row as quickly as possible, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

created by Dane Falkner

MedBase is a simple utility for keeping a log of medications that you and others are taking. Records dosage, frequency and the prescribing physician. The next time your doctor asks "What prescriptions are you taking?" you'll be ready.

created by Rob Maurizi, RHM Interactive

OTCplus gives you a list of over-the-counter medicines for particular symptoms, as well as coupons for those medicines.

created by Myo Sandar Nwe

Military Ranks helps you learn the rank insignia for each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

created by Sal Lucido

MiPoints helps you keep track of your daily calories and food points intake on your way to reaching your weight goals.

created by James La Guma

Misery Index, an economic indicator, provides the current Misery Index along with ability to view what the index was dating all the way back to 1948, either by year or by month.

created by Robert Faulhaber

Mohawk College has an app to help you stay connected with announcements and news, find important points of interest around the campus, and chat live with a librarian at almost anytime of day.

created by Wayne Collins and Duane Bender

Mommy's Milk helps you track your baby's feedings with ease.

created by Scott Ruth

Music Marquee is a beautiful scrobbler for The simple user interface allows you to keep track of the music that you listen to on your iOS device.

created by James Frye

My Shoe Closet helps you add, organize, and view all of your wonderful pairs of shoes without rummaging through your real closet. The perfect app for shoe fanatics!

created by Scott Sirowy

One Handed Solitaire is a card game played with a traditional 52 card deck, minus the jokers. It can be played in one hand and does not require a flat surface to arrange the cards.

created by Kevin Raney

Pocket Grin was created for Listerine to inspire cleaner, healthier mouths in a fun way. It includes a Chomper Challenge game, smile reminders, and a rinse timer.

created by Bob Shull and Kevin Garriott

Quipster is a fun and fast way to share and discover what matters in your town. With the Quipster app, you quickly share your experiences and comments using icons on the go.

created by Ruangroj Poonpol

Ruby5Notes allows you to listen to the popular Ruby5 podcast and view the show notes for each show. You can also bookmark each item mentioned in the podcast in your account, or view it in Mobile Safari and bookmark it there.

created by Mike Hagedorn

Rugby 2011 is your (non-official) full guide to 2011 with complete schedules by team, venue and date and valuable information about each venue.

created by Hermano Queiroz

Sam's Club is the must-have app for every Sam's Club Member. Whether you’re on a road trip and need to find your nearest Club or in your own backyard planning a weekend shopping trip, you can locate convenient services and find out more about the items on your shopping list.

created by Kevin Garriott and Bob Shull

Should I break up with my boyfriend? gives you two weeks to reflect on your relationship and helps you decide whether you’d be better off staying with him or calling it quits. You receive daily reminders to rate how you're feeling about your boyfriend, with the option to add notes to each rating. At the end of the two weeks, we'll show you how your relationship fared.

created by Sarah Gray

Silver Joe's Mobile Ordering is a mobile ordering app for Silver Joe's premium coffee. While on the go you can browse their menu, place an order, pay with a credit card, and save the receipt to your camera roll.

created by Bob Shull and Kevin Garriott

Site Status will show you, at a glance, which of your sites or individual pages are sailing along and which are having problems. Watch any URL, watch just your domain's home page, or watch specific pages on any site.

created by Lee Marlow

SkydLine is your sideline in the sky. It's a way to follow live sporting events via social media and interact with other fans during the big game.

created by Douglas Eglseder, Dizzy Bay Software

The Smith College app allows students, parents, and faculty to search the Smith College directory for a person's phone number, campus address and location on a campus map, and email.

created by Bill Weakley

Snap Pronto allows users to e-mail photos to preset e-mail addresses along with a preset subject line. It reduces the number of taps to send a picture to six and allows you to choose your five favorite e-mail addresses.

created by Chandler Douglas

StereoMatic is a stylish jukebox that plays songs in your iPod music library and streams them using AirPlay.

created by Steve Baranski

Swizzle is an original puzzle game with up to 10,000 unique solvable puzzles for each level… and there are 6 levels! Each puzzle can be individually selected using simple spin controls and the best score (lowest moves to complete) are recorded and displayed for each.

created by Paul Warren

Tap2Track Mileage calculates and records your driving mileage automatically using GPS and Google Maps in order to ensure you get reimbursed correctly. Each trip is added to your master log, creating a complete mileage log for your business or tax purposes.

created by Michael O'Neill

Task Me puts your quick reminders, todos, and tasks directly to where you will see them, in your email inbox.

created by Chris Sexton

The Basics is an iPad interpretation of an existing cookbook that teaches the basics of cooking in 150 recipes illustrated with stunning photographs.

created by Hans Verschooten

TI-nspire and TI-nspire CAS, both iPad apps, deliver comprehensive graphing, statistical modeling, and calculating functionality with visual connections you can touch, grab, and interact with.

created by Martin Taylor and team at Texas Instruments Incorporated

Time Off makes it easy to request, remember and report all of your paid time off!

created by Scott Ruth

Toggledot is an augmented reality game that you play by walking around in your yard or neighborhood and using the GPS in your iPhone to flip over dots.

created by Bryan C. Everly

Wasted lets you know when you've had too much to drink. The challenge is simple enough. Try strolling a few feet without spilling one of its complimentary drinks. The app keep setting them up as fast as you keep knocking them over.

created by Jesse Ross

Word Ghost is a fun classic word game of strategy and spelling. Match wits against three levels of computer play to see who can trick whom into spelling a word. It includes three different vocabulary levels so anyone can find a good challenge.

created by Will Ronco

VEX Gateway Score makes it easier to count the score of a VEX Gateway competition. A great tool for mentors, coaches, students, parents, and other spectators.

created by Chandler Douglas

ZooLoo allows you to update your status across multiple social networks from one location. You can also upload mobile photos to ZooLoo, check for the latest updates and view your inbox messages.

created by Zheng Liu

Rails Apps

Academic Technologies is the homepage of the Academic Technologies department at George Washington University.

created by Chris Selmer

AllTheParties is a nightlife website.

created by Samuel Obukwelu

Fat Wreck Chords is a community site and online store for a San Francisco record label.

created by Hunter Hillegas

GoLoco is where ridesharing and social networking come together.

created by Mike Mangino

Helium lets you find and share valuable information on a wide variety of topics that have been contributed and ranked by its users.

created by Mark Bates

HomeMarks is your personalized bookmark startpage! It allows you to organize your bookmarks into a simple column and box system. Boxes can be customized with a title of your choosing and colored to match the nature of the bookmarks within them. Our bookmarklet enables in-page bookmarking while you surf.

created by Ken Collins

Inkling Markets hosts prediction markets allowing companies to ask their employees or customer to help them predict the future.

created by Nathan Kontny

iSepta is a mobile-friendly interface to the SEPTA Regional Rail train schedules.

created by Randy Schmidt of ümlatte

MicroPlace is a microfinance investing site that allows anyone (in the US) to loan small amounts of money to entrepreneurs in developing nations.

created by Josh Susser and eBay team

MonkeySee is a how-to video sharing website with some unique features, including a revenue sharing ad model, and a social networking aspect to hook experts up with film makers (professional, student, etc).

created by Kim MacCormack

Notre Dame is the web site for the University of Notre Dame.

created by John Nunemaker

Revolution Health is a a health-care community and information site.

created by Val Aleksenko

RightCart is a Shopping Widget that brings the store to users' content.

created by Jonathan Siegel, Dylan Stamat, and Ryan Garver

Russound's RNET Touchpoint allows for direct access and remote control of a multi-room audio system from an iPhone or iPod touch.

created by Bill Edmondson and team

ScrumAlliance is a community website for teams using Scrum.

created by Mark Windholtz

ShortSwitch is a URL shortening service that allows a customer to use their own domain or sub-domain to brand their shortened URLs.

created by Rob Christie

Stylepath is an AI-based visual product search based on your individual style preferences and how they relate to different qualities in each product.

created by Sean Hussey

TeamSnap manages the operations of youth and adult sports teams: rosters, scheduling, payments, even who's bringing refreshments.

created by H. Wade Minter

Wallhogs lets you upload your own photos and have them print out on vinyl, canvas, or glossy photo paper, up to 7 feet tall.

created by David Bock

Your Garage Online tracks automotive repairs online.

created by Jared Haworth